The Currency of Giving

KarmaDue will revolutionize the way we exchange products, skills, and services.
Think of it as your personal savings account of good deeds.

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How KarmaDue Will Work

If you have a talent, skill, or items to provide, you
can earn something in return while knowing exactly
where your contributions are going.

  • Want to Provide?

    Swipe left to provide a skill, service, or item to other members. You’ll chat directly to the folks you’re looking to help, with no middle man.

  • Need Something?

    Swipe right and use your earned KarmaPoints to ask for a product or service from others in our huge member-driven database.

  • Earn KarmaPoints

    KarmaPoints are collected by providing for others. Use them to receive something in a time of need, or reward yourself for good deeds performed!

  • Track Good Deeds

    KarmaDue tracks the good you’ve done and quantifies it via your KarmaRating, a metric that will boost your professional profile.

What Is KarmaDue?

It’s Time For a Change

Affected deeply during his travels, our founder set forth to make a change. The idea of KarmaDue was born: A sidestep to our current solution of trading goods and services that evens the playing field.

A World of Giving

Click on the map locations to see the many ways that KarmaDue is as versatile as it is revolutionary.

Press + Awards

KarmaDue is already making big waves. Check out our latest news, awards, and updates by clicking the stories below.

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  2. The KarmaDue Beta Is Live!
    November 15, 2016

    Help us make the KarmaDue app the best it can be!

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  3. Our Journey To Paris
    August 1, 2016

    A trip abroad broadens our horizons

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Our Team

Dedicated to change

  • Adam Dunn
    Co-founder + CEO

    Adam is a visionary world traveler who decided that the world needed a different solution to providing goods and services to all people, no matter their financial situation.

  • Josh Sears
    Co-founder + CCO

    Josh is a creative fellow with a passion for user experience and precision design. With a background in the arts and grass roots marketing, he has a proven history of making ideas a reality.

  • Ainhi Pham
    Global Marketing Director

    Ainhi has a passion for learning, traveling, marketing and making things better. She combines these passions by working with organizations to put together the pieces of their puzzle and understand the bigger picture.

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