KarmaDue is excited to announce that we have been selected to give a TEDx Talk on one of the issues that we are most passionate about in helping the world to solve:

Wealth Inequality.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the richest 1% in India now own a whopping 58% of the country’s total wealth? Globally, the top 1% own as much as 50% of the total wealth.

Our co-founder, Adam Dunn, will be giving his talk in Mumbai on October 1st, 2017. One of the big topics he’ll be covering is how ever-increasing automation will continue to drive the wealth disparity to even higher levels worldwide.

Fun Fact: World Band Data estimates that 69% of today’s jobs in India are threatened by automation. In the United States, PWC estimates that up to 40% of today’s jobs could be automated within the next 15 years.

At KarmaDue, we think increasing automation will lead to increased wealth inequality. The Masters of Automation (the ones automating) will see their wealth grow exponentially in the next 30 years. But how about the workers having their jobs replaced?

Let’s think about it. What is a job really? It is a place where you go to trade your time for little pieces of paper we call “money”. Then, you go trade those little pieces of green paper for what you really need or want – shelter, food, transportation, beats by Dre, etc.

Question: What do you do if you can’t go to that job and exchange your time for those pieces of paper? How do you get what you need or want? Okay, so that’s two questions, but rather important ones that we’ll soon be facing.

Join Adam, our co-founder, in Mumbai either live or online to hear him discuss these questions along with the potential answers. Hope to see you there or check out the video on YouTube TED afterwards!


KarmaDue HQ