Why It's Time for KarmaDue

The KarmaDue App.

Create change. Anywhere.

KarmaDue is determined to make it as simple as possible to give and receive. Through a simple Ask/Give interface, anyone can gain access to a huge database of skills, services, and products provided directly by other members. KarmaDue is, and always will be, free. Cash simply has no place here, and we will stay completely out of your way.

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Karma, with a twist.

The more you give, the more you get. Literally.

Here’s where it gets interesting: The more you give with KarmaDue, the more KarmaPoints you earn. This means that anytime down the road that you find yourself in need, you can trade in accrued good deeds (which manifest in the form of KarmaPoints) for a product or service of your own. KarmaDue tracks every good deed performed, and rewards you for your efforts!

A Platform For Change.

Revolutionizing the process of giving.

KarmaDue will be a peer-to-peer platform determined to make it easier to provide for others, or to ask for something when you’re in need. Our integrated system will make products and services available to anyone with a phone, computer, or tablet. Log on to track good deeds, exchange your earned KarmaPoints, chat with others, and watch your KarmaRating grow. KarmaDue is truly a savings account for good deeds!

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